Sunday’s graduation

Hello people! How are you? On Sunday night we were partying, it was my sister graduation. Yesterday was holiday here, so take advantage of to recover and sleep!

I made a dress for me. I did it on Saturday afternoon! I thought I was not going to finish or I was not going to like the result! But not 🙂
In the photo,  I’m dancing with my sister-in-law and drinking a strawberry daiquiri!
Have a nice day!
Love, Ludmi

DIY: Remodel your backpack to carry your rollers

Hi people! How have you been? I’ve been very busy this week working on my Etsy Shop. I will organize myself better from next week.

A few weeks ago my sister and her boyfriend asked me to remodel a backpack so they could get their roller skates. It is super fast and practical this DIY. Then you got a comfortable way to carry your rollers.


1- Buy a backpack or use any you have in your home. Measure how much space should be open in the closing to release the top of the boot on the side of the backpack.

2- Add new zippers on the sides to open them (carrying the skates) and closed (to use the pack usually)

3- On the handles of the backpack I added some adjustable broochs  so they can fasten them if they need extra support.

5- Here you can see the finished backpacks and skates inside.

6- Inside the backpack fit perfectly.

Once you have your roller skate on, put your shoes inside the backpack, close the side zippers we’ve added and go!

Skate and feel the wind in your face!

Love, Ludmi

Maxi dress tutorial

From Pinterest reach this tutorial that Katy has posted on her blog.

I could not stop sharing this tutorial! It’s great, easy to make and is very fashionable. For these parts of the world has not yet reached the summer and even take to it, so I have time to do it yet.

I saw a beautiful striped cotton stretch and I think I’ll buy it for this tutorial.

Love, Ludmi