Attention moms and fans of the kitchen!

Hi guys! How is this Wednesday? I’m preparing new stuff for my shop, and tomorrow my brother will bring me the photos that I had strayed into my home pc over the weekend! This makes me very happy, I was afraid to have lost them!

Through a few blogs, I have selected fantastic ideas for the kitchen! Will be able to download all free.

-For all those women and men too, why not?, who like to innovate in the kitchen, swap recipes, collectibles …. I bring the solution to enable them to keep them tidy!


Do you like the idea? ideal to give as a gift!

Love, Ludmi 

Pop corn for the weekend

Hey guys! Comes the weekend and here we have a long weekend! Super! Since yesterday it has not stopped raining… ideal for watch some movies.
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But first let me tell you …… TGIF!!!
I propose these recipes before settling down to watch the movies! ideal for the youngest in the house! Click the image for the recipes!

Enjoy your weekend with your family, friends and takes a rest!
Love, Ludmi

Mint + Chocolate = The Perfect Combination

Today I will make a parenthesis in the blog, since I can not stop sharing this recipe.

Grasshopper Brownie Bars

Through Pinterest I come to Love and Olive Oil, the culinary adventures of Lindsay and Taylor. Really is a pleasure to read the incredible recipes.

Do not forget to go through the blog of them. Look for new dishes and ideas for change and surprise in the kitchen! Enjoy this recipe, I want to do it soon.

Love, Ludmi