more IDEAS than TIME

Hey guys! Have you participated in the giveaway I posted yesterday? If no, you have time to do it yet!

This weekend I´m traveling again to my hometown. In Argentina have elections this weekend, so I must go to vote!

In this days I´m feeling like this. My mind is full of ideas, projects and lots of things that I want to do! When I order them, I will tell you more of this! Meanwhile I need peace and time. I have to think and to set priorities.

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What plans do you have for this weekend?

BE Happy!

Love, Ludmi

You must keep moving

Good Friday to everyone!

I have to clean my apartment and set up my suitcase, this weekend I’m going to my hometown, because it is Mother’s Day in Argentina. I’m going to visit my grandparents, uncles and cousins ​​too.

Have a great weekend! I leave two quotes to always have in mind!

We met again on Monday! Be Happy!

Love, Ludmi

Pop corn for the weekend

Hey guys! Comes the weekend and here we have a long weekend! Super! Since yesterday it has not stopped raining… ideal for watch some movies.
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But first let me tell you …… TGIF!!!
I propose these recipes before settling down to watch the movies! ideal for the youngest in the house! Click the image for the recipes!

Enjoy your weekend with your family, friends and takes a rest!
Love, Ludmi

Happiness… a way of travel

I started to take photos of my products that are ready to sell, and that makes me very happy!! 🙂

For this weekend I already have organized a lunch with a friend, Friday night brochettes of chicken and pizza Saturday night!

Remember Happiness- CHOOSE YOUR COLOR

Here you can purchase the print.

I just want to wish you  a great weekend. We met again on Monday! What are your plans for this weekend?

 Love, Ludmi

Small things – Creative process

Hi people!  Is finishing the week! Wow has gone by very fast!

For those who: 

  • are beginning
  • have a dream ahead
  • become discouraged and motivated again

I dedicate this video to them and to those who identify with these words! Enjoy it!

The weekend is waiting for us!!! On my weekend I have planned to share a delicious barbecue, and start taking pictures of my bags to open my Etsy shop.

What plans or projects do you have?

Love, Ludmi

Love what you do…

Pinterest shows you many things, but this especially touches me closely.  Never it is too late to really dedicate yourself to what you love, to change course, to follow your dreams.

What it is more beautiful than waking up in the morning knowing you’re doing what makes you happy, it fills your soul, so you give up sleep?

Today I am so, changing direction, going many times against mandates and structures, fighting alone. So, do not lower my arms, makes me strong and full of energy to keep believing in my dreams.


Quote / Work / Life / 8 x 10 Digital Typography Poster

Here you can buy this poster!

Love, Ludmi