Nails tutorials

Hola!!!! Hi, beautiful girls!

Don’t think that I forgot about the blog, many changes are coming and I have almost no time!
Little by little I will re-write! don’t get angry!


4 fabulous tutorials! Lots of colours!


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love, Ludmi

Women, this is for you!

Hi girls!!! Today I want to share this amazing Lipstick Guide! One color for every occasion!

I think that this guide is very useful and always a good reference. Because all of us sometimes doubt what color choose to makeup our lips, depending on the occasion. Here a summary!


Love, Ludmi

Beauty tip for the weekend

Hi my Friends! We have come to Friday!!!!! Is there anything cuter than a Friday??? How much happiness!

This afternoon it’s my boyfriend coming and the weather is beautiful, sun and warm, ideal for the park during the weekend!
Friday I’m in Love! Today I woke up like that.
Enjoy this song. We are one step over the weekend to relax and enjoy!

I’m drawing the patterns for a summer pajamas, researching and reading a lot to improve my shop and working on new projects. Today I woke up happy! so happy! Full of positive energies!
I share this beauty tip I found through Pinterest. Put it into practice this weekend.

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And you, what are your plans for the weekend?

Be Happy!

Love, Ludmi