My first time

Hi girls! I’m so exciting and want to share with you my happiness ūüôā .¬†Today one of my bags, was¬†in Etsy front page. This was my first time! My shop stats hit a jump! Incredible!

Do you remember this post where I celebrated that I made the front page? But today was the treasury from Aman. Please visit her shop, she sell lots of paper goods.
Here I leave a screen print, to celebrate with me! hahaha…

Good night to all! See you tomorrow!

Love, Ludmi

Etsy Front Page

Ok. I’m so happy and want to tell you!! My treasury was on FP, but I couldn’t see them! I made on Friday this Treasury, on Saturday I saw that people congrats me! Bellow you can see Etsy front page and here is the¬†Treasury¬†.

I know that for many this is a detail, for me is a great achievement! Now, with more reason I have anxiety for publishing my products! So I leave and I will work hard.

Happy Monday to everyone!

Love, Ludmi