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Hola!!!! Hi, beautiful girls!

Don’t think that I forgot about the blog, many changes are coming and I have almost no time!
Little by little I will re-write! don’t get angry!


4 fabulous tutorials! Lots of colours!


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love, Ludmi


Hand painted designs – Etsy selection

Hi Guys!! Today I bring 4 products that have something in common, all are in whole or in part hand painted. Each has its charm. It’s amazing, every day I meet talented people on Etsy!

Enjoy this collection, check out these shops are amazing!

  1. jimbobart
  2. eleanorjoseph
  3. fineDollyLolly
  4. elegantgirl

Love, Ludmi

DIY Missoni Shoes

Hello girls! How are you? I’ve been better this days, after a weekend full of headaches.

Today I had a great DIY for those who like roller skating, but I did not finish editing the photos. So the next tutorial will be that!

But as always I bring Wednesday an idea, tutorial or DIY, today could not miss! Attention Missoni fans!

I love Missoni. Their vibrant colors, designs and their extraordinary pattern are a delicacy for the eyes!

Click on the image to have step by step!

Have a fantastic day! Here’s drizzling, but I’m full of work and that’s what matters!

::: Love :::



Happy Spring

Hi people! Today, in Argentina we are celebrating the early spring and student’s day!

The day of spring symbolizes the renewal of nature and creativity of the human spirit. Every September 21 is protagonist youth. And the celebration is tradition with live performances of all kinds and outdoors. The slogan is to meet with friends, spend a picnic and take advantage of open spaces.

Love, Ludmi