Hi, I’m Ludmi! I currently live in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Now I’m at Concordia, Entre Rios.
I have been studing Bussines Administration, but I wanted to realize my childhood dream by becoming a fashion designer.

Recently I discovered my artistic side. I started my venture and I enjoy doing it. Full of motivation and energy I have taken training to hone my skills as an autodidact, so I’ve taken my hobby as a job and in 2010 created Liduvina.

All my pieces are handmade with care, love and unique design.

All my designs are trendy, unique, versatile and casual, ideal for current and women of all ages!     BBBBUUUUTTTT my top seller products are: men necessaires and men fabric envelopes.

All my work is 100% handmade!
Feel free to ask if something interests you!

My e-mail: ludmi.liduvina@gmail.com
Come back often, because I will keep adding new and different things.


5 comments on “ABOUT M E

  1. hola Ludmi (Ludmila?) que bueno encontrar argentinas!
    te encontre a traves del Blog de paula Treschimama, ella me encontro a traves de Oh Joy.
    me encanta tu Etsy shop, divino lo que haces.
    mantengamos el contacto

    • Hola Gabriela! Que casualidad yo encontre a Paula a traves de Oh Joy, la receta con dulce de leche me tento!!
      Gracias por visitar mi shop. Ahora miro tu blog y te voy a seguir leyendo a partir de ahora!
      Te mando un beso

  2. Hola Ludmi….

    Felicidades por tu Etsy shop, me encanta todo lo que haces! Que bueno encontrar LatinoAmericanos en Etsy. Te invito a que visites mi tienda: chiquiita.etsy.com y mi blog: chiquiita.blogspot.com. Exitos!!!

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